HPC - Universidad de Sevilla

Some handy commands

Short info about make web page

Obtain repository without git

# get archive from bitbucket

# copy local file to remote

Cygwin: show windows path

cygpath -d /home

Create assembler code

gcc -S fichero.c
gcc -c -g -Wa,-a,-ad [opciones] fichero.c > fichero.lst

Vectorization info on gcc 5.2

gcc -O2 -ftree-vectorize -ffast-math -fopt-info-vec-missed ...

See processors threads are running on

for i in $(pgrep myapp); do ps -mo pid,tid,fname,user,psr -p $i;done

Set affinity for threads (gcc)

export  GOMP_CPU_AFFINITY="0-7 16-23 8-15 24-31"

Show topology of CPUs

hwloc-ls --no-io