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Exercise MPI - Stencil code

Exercise: Goto src/mpi/exercise. Program a MPI version of stencil3d.

Note: This is not an easy exercise. stencil3d is a three dimensional stencil code. Stencil codes are usually memory bound which makes them demanding to parallelize.

The main problem for this exercise is the domain decomposition. In class we have recommended cutting the 3D cube only in one direction, in a way that contiguous data in the array can be sent between processes.

Some hints

2D problem: 8x8 cube and boundary values, 4 processes. Map needed cells from neighbours to "shadow" regions in process (yellow cells from process 1 and 3 are shadow regions in process 2):


We have added 2 columns to each process, these are used as shadow regions or for holding the boundary values. We also indicate how data has to be sent in between processes:


For simplicity, in the 3D case, we want to cut the 3D cube in a way that cells can be sent as a one dimensional array to the shadow regions of the neighbors: