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HPC is an essential tool for science and industry

In this section we will show a few examples where HPC is employed. This list is by no means exhaustive!

Galaxy formation and evolution


The Grid - CERN

Links at CERN grid

Weather forecasts (El hombre del tiempo)

Mariano Medina, primer "Hombre del tiempo"

Formula 1

CFD in Formula 1

Car industry, product design

Car crash

Artificial intelligence, deep learning

Neural network

Etc., etc....

Moore 's law

Paper 1965: Electronics, pp. 114–117, April 19, 1965

Synopsis: The number of components (on a single wafer) determinates the cost/component. For a given technology in the production process (state of the art) there is a minimum of this cost for a given component density. The component density where this minimum is located increases exponentially with time. So cost drives integration. The initial prediction was for the component density to double each year (extrapolation 1965-1975)

Later revised to x 2 each two years

Performance doubles every 18 months.

2015 Moor's law celebrated it's 50th birthday with remarkable success:

Moor's Law

But ...

2005 - The Free Lunch Is Over 2005 - Free Lunch is over

Applications will increasingly need to be concurrent if they want 
to fully exploit continuing exponential CPU throughput gains

Efficiency and performance optimization will get more, not less, important

Reads about Memory Wall, Power Wall, ILP (Instruction Level Parallelism) wall:

Top 500

Ranking of the fastest (Linpack-fastest) supercomputers in the world:

June 2015:


June 2016:



Number of Cores vs Rank Cores vs Rank

Sunway TaihuLight TaihuLight TaihuLight data

What will we probably see the next years?

High interest in HPC:

Technological developments:

Computing Infrastructures: