I am teaching an introductory course on high perfomance computing. The course requires knowledge of Fortran or C (most examples are in C, but we don’t use advanced language features, so a Fortan programmer has no problems implementing the exercises). The course offers an introduction to 4 main subjects: * Hardware * Vectorization * OpenMP * MPI Usually we need 26 class hours to hold the course (this depends a little bit on the programming skills of the audience). It can be expanded to hold more practical exercises. All practise sessions are done on virtual clusters on AWS, so the course can be held practically everywhere, we only need internet access and a laptop. The course material is available on this server so you can have a sneek on what is covered.


Amazon offers with Amazon Web Services a cloud platform with many services that are very interesting for researchers as well as for small and medium sized companies. Larger companies already are using these services in their IT infrastructure. A first contact with AWS is often overwhelming, as many new concepts are encountered (IAM roles, security concerns, virtual instances running from images on virtual disks, etc.). I am currently preparing an introductory course on using AWS, if you are interested, feel free to contact me.


Please contact me if you need consultancy about high performance computation or cloud computing services (AWS).